How can social media leverage direct bookings?

If you are a Hotel owner that does not believe what Social Media Marketing does or could have an impact on your Hotel this might add a few nuggets of value that will give you a different perspective. Hotel marketing coach Are Morch shares his tips below:

Social Media Management starts with Value Innovation

Many Hotels brings with them traditional selling techniques when they enter the Social Media arena.

They then tend to talk more about their Hotel services and products. This is not very effective in a Social Media Marketing set.

With Social Media Marketing your Hotel has to be genuinely interested in serving your social community.

You have to lead with value and shift towards talking about your community.

What will it take for your Hotel to win over new uncontested markets with the help of new innovative Social Media Marketing Frameworks?

The answer is to create such a compelling story that anyone who sees it can relate to it and can’t help raving about it.

Increased Brand Awareness

Social Media Management is the key to boosting your Hotels brand awareness.

If value innovation is going to make sense with Social Media Marketing you have to provide proper content in a context on a Social Media channel that reaches the current market, and new uncontested market that will take actions.

With effective and creative Social Media Management your Hotel will provide valuable and relevant to the content that is familiar to your audience. It will help craft powerful information depending on important demographic data that allows you to geo-target the information.

Take control of your Reputation Management

Reputation management should form an important part of any Hotel. After all, it would allow them to perceive the way customers sees them or thinks about the Hotel.

It can be stated that reputation management is very important for Hotels that obtain and manage their online reviews.

Looking over all of your reviews will also give insight into what is working and not working with your Hotel.

Customers will surely point out the things that they can’t get enough of, as well as the things that they could do without.

Refine your Hotel by recognizing these concerns and track the ones that appear consistently.

Effective Social Media Management will not only help you but will also show that your Hotel is innovative and knows how to adapt to current times.

Creating compelling Customer Experiences

To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive world, Hotel brands need to solve increasingly complex problems and seize new and exciting opportunities faster than their competitors.

We have for many years seen that Hotel brands focused on service excellence as a critical enabler of their growth strategies.

After studying research, reports, and trends several brands today are now starting to focus on creating compelling customer experiences.

The customer experience, that is, making each of its customers feel special, is increasingly the key factor for a Hotel to stand out from its competitors.

One important factor here to really understand is not confusing the concept of customer experience and customer service.

The reality is that the scope of customer experience extends far beyond the traditional definition of customer service that is, the transactional moments when Hotel team members are providing direct service to customers.


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